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The Silent Roars

Four of the internet's biggest female stars reveal how their followers are shaping them.

Short documentary 2017 10 mins


Young females of Britain are creating a roar across the internet. With millions listening, they are sparking online debate about the biggest issues facing their peers; from climate change and transphobia, to racism.

The internet is speaking back to them. But it's not all positive. Their followers are sending these women uncontrollable numbers of messages, and it's sculpting their real-life existence and challenging their sense of self. From a 15-year-old bird watcher who daily receives islamophobic comments, to a black transgender woman who is attacked for who she is, this ethereal audio-visual poem centres on four of the internet's biggest stars. As we explore the relationships these women have with the online world, we'll uncover why despite the hostility they are continuing to speak out online.