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Indian's Memorial Service

Exotic visitors cause a stir at West London's Brompton Cemetery

Non-Fiction 1914 1 mins Silent


A spectacular and novel display of mounted cavalrymen and Sioux explains the presence of newsreel cameras at London's Brompton cemetery. Members of the Oglala Sioux tribe were visiting the grave of Chief Long Wolf (mistaken as 'Lone Wolf' here). Their headdresses contrasts sharply with the bowler hats and bow ties of the Englishmen watching curiously as the Sioux perform their graveside ritual.

Long Wolf had died of pneumonia in London in 1892 while touring with William 'Buffalo Bill' Cody's circus. In 1997 his body was repatriated by the Oglala Sioux, along with an infant body from the same grave - the remains of a 17-month-old Native American girl named Star Ghost Dog, who died after falling off a horse during a circus performance. Like many Topical Budget items - even with war looming - the story's status as 'news' may be debatable, but its appeal to a newsreel hungry for striking images isn't hard to see.