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If You Can't Beat 'em

Burning bras, liberated wives and domesticated men – gender roles are reversed in this female directed, movie club comedy.

Amateur film 1980 9 mins

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Starring members of Leeds Movie Makers, this light-hearted satire paves the way for modern men and women. Toying with gender roles, patience wears thin for husbands as they cook, clean and entertain their way into domesticity whilst wives explore the working world. Armed with cameras and character, these women are truly filmmaking breadwinners in every sense, whether acting, directing, or filming.

The origins of Leeds Movie Makers can be traced back to just after the Second World War, with the founding of Leeds Camera Club. Later, in 1965, Leeds Cine Club was born, taking over the cinematic function of the Camera Club, and in 1983 the name was changed to Leeds Movie Makers. Doreen Wood, who co-directed the film, is the current secretary of the club, and her colleague and co-director Doris Lythe, who starred in the film along with her husband Sid, remained dedicated members of Leeds Movie Makers.