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Holiday at Sennen Cove

Family enjoys the beach and a lunchtime pasty

Non-Fiction 1955 3 mins Silent

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A family enjoys holidays at Sennen Cove in Cornwall. The cove is actually a long sandy bay. The children enjoy pasties and ice cream on the beach in this delightful colour snapshot of a typical fifties beach holiday. The swimwear is distinctly of the era with its boxy-shaped corseted glamour.

Sennen Cove is part of the small village of Sennen. The Longships Lighthouse and neighbouring islets are in Sennen parish on the Penwith peninsula. The RNLI and Land’s End Coastguard are based here with the station having been founded in 1853. Sennen is just one mile to the east of Land’s End and a popular surfing area. The beach was also home to Bilbo, a Newfoundland dog and the first ever UK canine lifeguard. Bilbo is the poster dog for nationwide marketing campaigns about the dangers of swimming outside the lifeguard-controlled areas on beaches.