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Coastal Camping in Cornwall

Home movie maker films family in Cornish field

Non-Fiction 1971 3 mins Silent

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By the 1970s camping was well established as tent holidays became accessible to most families and labour laws instituted annual paid leave for all. By the 1970s holidaymakers queued to get into the West Country and everyone seemed to holiday at the same time. How nice then to have a field to yourself in a more inaccessible corner of Cornwall at Sennen, very near to Land's End.

This film provides a quick video diary of arriving, visiting and leaving. If vlogging is the early twenty-first century phenomenon then home movie making is the late twentieth century one. Cine cameras become cheaper, more accessible and easy to use and treasured family occasions such as summer holidays, weddings, birthdays and outings, familiar to many, are popular as everyone becomes a filmmaker. This also spawns an industry creating content for broadcast and the internet. This forms part of the Parsons family collection. They were keen amateur filmmakers from the 1920s to the 1970s and returned to the same spot at Sennen capturing their exploits on different film stocks.