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Hatfield Civic Week

Dog derby and drama, Beat dancing, and Boy Scouts. New Town Hatfield becomes a hive of activity for ‘Civic Week’, a week long celebration with events programmed for young and old.

Sponsored film 1965 34 mins Silent

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The entire community celebrate as Hatfield enjoy the activities of ‘Civic Week’ during the Summer of 1965. The range of events to mark the occasion is phenomenal, with a baby show, a brass band, and boxing; jam judging and a gymkhana; floral arrangements and fancy dress; you name it, Hatfield have it. It appears the whole town have contributed to the week-long festivities.

This film, sponsored by Hatfield Rural District Council, begins by contrasting the Old Town with the New (Town), as modernisation has brought a dual carriageway, prefab housing, and a pedestrianised shopping precinct. Intended to be viewed with commentary, unfortunately the sound to accompany the film is missing, leaving visuals only.