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Grecian Princess and the Slave Girl

Erotica doesn't get much lower budget than this musty 8mm reel made for the home movie market

1972 5 mins Silent Not rated


A shakily-secured beaded curtain, a hastily-positioned patterned wall hanging and an inventively decorated but outstandingly unconvincing ancient bathtub provide the period details for this ultra-low budget classical Greece-themed silent erotic short. Probably produced sometime in the 1960s, it was made for the home movie market by persons unknown.

It would appear that considerable expense was spared in the making of this short, from the hand drawn title card (on which the felt pen appears to have slipped in a couple of places) through to a strangely shallow bathtub, awkwardly clambered into by a strangely self-conscious princess. Further savings were made in post-production. Two identical 8mm negatives ran side to side, in opposite directions, on one reel of 16mm film stock. This could then be used to strike two 8mm prints at the same time.