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Football Managers

What does it take to manage a football team? Two former players talk of the tough role at the top in a world where players are demanding Ј200 a week in wages.

News 1977 5 mins

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Gary Newbon talks to Ronnie Allen of West Bromwich Albion and Frank McLintock of Leicester City about life in the toughest job in football - the manager. Always the first to be blamed when things go wrong and the first to be sacked. They talk candidly about their role, which combines both the balance sheet and the training ground.

Ronnie Allen had a short stay as manager of West Bromwich Albion, leaving for a lucrative role in Saudi Arabia in December 1977. He did however return to the Hawthorns in 1981. Frank McLintock suffered a poor run of form with Leicester City, leaving the club in 1978.