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Female Bus Conductors

Walsall Corporation judge men to be more important at work.

News 1963 2 mins

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More than a decade before the Sex Discrimination Act and the Equal Opportunities Commission, Walsall Corporation Transport Department could make the sort of decision that would be illegal today. Councillor L. B. Parkes explains the ludicrous decision to prevent women from working on the buses to reporter Reg Harcourt. In the second section, where he tries to talk to some of the women involved, it appears that the powers that be are not at all happy.

If the women were expecting their local Transport and General Workers Union branch to stand up for them they were mistaken. Press reports at the time said that the TGWU went along with the ruling as it was "consistent with present day trends in the industry". Later in May 1963 the TGWU also refused to step in when the transport department in Walsall decided to further narrow their recruitment criteria by only offering jobs to white workers!