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Eisteddfod Bro Myrddin, Awst 1974

Standing room only when the Gorsedd members process through the eisteddfod crowd in Carmarthen but there are seats for those festival-ed out!

Home movie 1974 4 mins Silent

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Camarthen and the sun have welcomed the National Eisteddfod, the Welsh language cultural festival. The film-maker's daughter, Miriam, wearing a free hat, enjoys the festival ground with her family (and finds a lost grandfather?). Richard Morris Jones, BBC/HTV presenter, is believed to be interviewing the winner of the crown, William George, solicitor and nephew of David Lloyd George. The first Welsh language rock opera – Nia Ben Aur – was performed at this eisteddfod.

The National Eisteddfod offers a number of prestigious prizes for literary and artistic works including a crown for the 'pryddest' - a poem on a set theme in free verse. A chair is awarded for the 'awdl' - a poem on a set theme in the particular metre form known as 'cynghanedd'. New crowns and chairs are made for each eisteddfod by local craftspeople and often reflect some aspect of the eisteddfod's location. The Gorsedd of the Bards is an association of e.g. poets, writers, musicians, artists who have made a valued contribution to the Welsh language/culture. The film-maker and player of the saw, Gareth H V Jones (1918-1987), worked as an audio-visual officer with Ceredigion Council's education department.