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Deep Red Instant Love

Budding romance and political subversion create a headache for the manager of Superstore in Rik Lander’s colourful satire on capitalism.

1988 12 mins Not rated


Come one, come all, and worship at the altar of Everett Lord, high priest of consumerism. It’s a siren call for product-obsessed Frank (David Thewlis), thrilled to bag a shelf-stacking job at Superstore - until he meets the subversive Anna, who sets him on a collision course with his new boss. Lander’s ribald treatment of shopping mall culture, with its pop-promo texturing and ironic tone, anticipates the aesthetic qualities that would dominate early-90s short filmmaking in the UK.

Rik Lander was one half of 1980s scratch video duo the Duvet Brothers, best known for their work Blue Monday (1984), a pointedly political assembly of found footage set to New Order’s groundbreaking electronic hit.