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Cinema Adverts for Humber, Raleigh and Rudge Bicycles

A fun selection of vintage animated adverts promoting some of Britain's leading bicycle brands.

Advert 1938 2 mins Silent


This fun selection of 'locals' - simple adverts promoting independent bicycle dealers for screening in local cinemas - takes us back to a lost age of screen advertising. There's none of the sophisticated sleight of hand of modern marketing techniques here: these short and to-the-point ads take the direct approach, with images of young and old enjoying life on two wheels.

The name P. Howell of Reading has long since gone but the premises on Wokingham Road are still trading in bicycles today. Likewise, Woodbridge Road in Guildford is still home to a cycle outlet, albeit under a different name. The others are now consigned to history, as is the Rotherham cinema that once stood opposite Tate's High Grade Cycles.