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Bradford Adverts Reel 1

Juno-Junipah, for girls, who “want to be bright, vivacious, attractive and slim”, and Carters Little Liver Pills to rejuvenate the elderly.

Advert 1925 3 mins Silent

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This is a sequence of six silent short cinema advertisements from the 1920s: one from Edinburgh, two from Knaresborough, and three of unknown location. Using intertitles and animation, the adverts are a mix of the direct, for men, the stylish and fashionable, for women, and the humorous, for the aged. Carters Little liver Pills were still around in the 1960s, while Juno-Junipah is still with us, although trade descriptions may object to the claims made for it here.

This film originated with Mr Spink who owned a cinema in Yeadon, West Yorkshire. Information is hard to come by for the makers of these advertisements, Youngers Shoppers Gazette, who made similar advertisements in Bradford during this period, and for other parts of the country through to the 1950s. The firm of Russ & Winkler has an interesting story, with the two families of furriers emigrating from Germany in 1862 and setting up businesses in Edinburgh and London, becoming furriers to the queen: a trade almost exclusively in the hands of Germans in Britain at that time. They changed their name to Winkler, Macfarlane & Wink soon after this advert. Juno-Junipah is basically just sodium bicarbonate.