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A young woman attracts the attention of a street criminal after she prevents his gang from pick-pocketing.

Drama 2010 25 mins Not rated


Waiting for a bus, Sara spies pickpockets robbing another woman. Sara foils the robbery, but not without attracting the attention of gang leader Damon, who follows her home. The delicate line between danger and intimacy with strangers is explored with fine performances from Skins' Daniel Kaluuya and Kosovan actress Arta Dobroshi (star of the Dardenne brothers' The Silence of Laura).

Director Dan Mulloy is one of the leading auteurs of contemporary British short film, creating complex, often uncomfortable dramas around family and relationships. In 2005 he won the BAFTA for best short film with Antonio's Breakfast and in 2010 Baby won the Best Short award at both the Edinburgh Film Festival and British Independent Film Awards.