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ARP: A Practical Demonstration of Nottingham Precautions

As the nation slides into conflict, Nottingham prepares for a new type of warfare: the horrors of aerial bombardment and mustard gas attacks.

Amateur film 1938 10 mins Silent

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Aircraft drop bombs, spray mustard gas and machine gun 'nosey parkers' in this realistic mock attack on the city of Nottingham. The Nottingham ARP have fires to contend with, casualties to treat and buildings to make safe following the 'attack'. The Chief of Police in Nottingham, Athelstan Popkess, introduces proceedings from a derelict part of the Broad Marsh area of the city.

South African born Captain Popkess of the City of Nottingham Police was an innovator in policing. Under his leadership Nottingham was the first city to introduce an ARP network, police radios, police dogs and forensic science.