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Aberdeen University Quarter Centenary Celebrations

Edward VII and Queen Alexandra open new buildings at Marischal College, Aberdeen

Non-Fiction 1906 32 mins Silent


Aberdeen University celebrated its 400th anniversary on 27 September 1906 - a year late, to coincide with the opening of new college buildings. Delegates came from universities across the world, and the King and Queen were on hand. At over 30 minutes in its surviving form, it's likely that, at the time, this was the longest film yet shown in Britain. It's certainly a thorough record of the day - even if the copious shots of processions and dignitaries can be a little wearing.

Some confusion exists over the film's origins - it has been credited to RW Paul and the Aberdeen based company Walker & Co., but may have been a combination of the two. Note: this film was previously mistitled as Aberdeen University Quarter Centenary Celebrations.