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A Fisher-girl's Folly

A tantalising fragment from a drama of love and jealousy on the North Devon coast.

Drama 1914 2 mins Silent


This tantalising fragment offers just a glimpse of an early two-reel (20-minute) drama made by George Pearson, who became an important feature film director in the 1920s but whose films are almost all tragically lost. The well-photographed surviving scene was shot on location in Devon, and seems to show a mid-point of the plot, which concerned rival suitors, a Londoner and a local sailor.

The sailor is played by Percy Moran, better known as Lieutenant Daring in a popular adventure series of the period. In 2014, a copy of George Pearson's Love, Life and Laughter - one of the 75 titles in the BFI's 2010 'Most Wanted' list of missing British films - was found in an a small Dutch town.