Too Desi Too Queer

A selection of LGBTIQ+ shorts curated by the Bagri Foundation London Indian Film Foundation.

Too Desi Too Queer is a much-loved and long-running strand at the annual Bagri Foundation London Indian Film Festival. For the first time we present an online selection of highlights from past festivals; a dynamic and thought-provoking showcase of shorts exploring the lives, experiences and well being of South Asian LGBTQIA+ communities in the Subcontinent and diaspora.

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Little ElephantLittle Elephant

Animation & Artists Moving Image20155 mins

A British Indian woman and her father discuss their opposing views on family and sexuality in this beautifully moving, visually striking 2D animated short film.

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Romance201715 mins

A first-of-its-kind silent LGBTQ short film set in India, Sisak makes waves before the visuals of this film hit the shore.

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Chariot RidersChariot Riders

Animation & Artists Moving Image20155 mins

Beautifully animated short film about a boy's feelings of love for another boy – his best friend.

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U For UshaU For Usha

Drama201922 mins

U Ushacha is a subtle portrayal of sexual awakening, and how naïve attraction can empower a woman to take control of her life.

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Romance201712 mins

A young trans woman embarks on a poignant quest for love after falling for a rickshaw driver.

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Drama20187 mins

Khwaaish or 'Desire' is an Indian short film that glimpses into the life of one man’s longing to find a same-sex companion, in a city that refuses to accept LGBTQIA+ people.

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Maacher Jhol - The Fish CurryMaacher Jhol - The Fish Curry

Animation & Artists Moving Image201712 mins

Lalit decides to come out to his parents at dinner. Seeking acceptance, he cooks his father’s favourite fish curry.

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