London Indian Film Festival

A selection of favourite shorts from Europe’s largest South Asian film festival.

These selections are audience favourites from previous editions of London Indian Film Festival's short film strands, Too Desi Too Queer and Brit-Asian Shorts.

The selected films cover a wide range of South Asian languages to reflect the linguistic diversity of the UK's Indian and South Asian communities and all films not in the English language are subtitled.

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Drama202323 mins

Banished in a dilapidated village hut during her menstruation, a young girl waits to elope with her lover.

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Drama202313 mins

In Taliban controlled Afghanistan, Laili walks into a Chadari store in Kabul to buy her first full body veil from a Talib shopkeeper and face a new future.

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Look Like YouLook Like You

Drama202213 mins

While visiting the adoptive family of her eight-year-old biological son, Tara relays advice she gathered from growing up as a queer outcast.

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Kitchen TalesKitchen Tales

Drama202122 mins

A newlywed Indian couple navigate 40 years of marriage through the food they make and the meals they share, as their family grows and their love struggles to survive.

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Interview with Pam CullenInterview with Pam Cullen

Inside Film202053 mins

Interview with Pam Cullen who at 97 boasts an incredible career spanning over fifty years in the Indian film industry.

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Drama202012 mins

A fostered little boy runs away from home to potentially dire consequences.

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Short documentary20214 mins

A South Asian gaze on representation, inequality and discrimination in UK film and TV, set against the backdrop of the casting room.

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Catch a ButcherCatch a Butcher

Horror202111 mins

In a 19th Century Indian maternity ward, British nurse Deandria’s first night on the job descends into terror as mixed race babies start disappearing.

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Drama20128 mins

A young pregnant Muslim woman living in London is craving something different, in writer-director Cary Sawhney’s award-winning short. Based on a poem by Anjum Malik.

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I ChooseI Choose

Drama202011 mins

A young mother takes the biggest risk of her life when she makes a choice.

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Drama202123 mins

Kabir meets the mysterious Vaidya on the beach while on holiday in Goa, in this short film which premiered at the London Indian Film Festival 2021.

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Press Key 5Press Key 5

Drama202210 mins

When lockdown restrictions leave Ayesha unable to interpret in person, she must deliver life changing news over the phone.

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Little ElephantLittle Elephant

Animation & Artists Moving Image20155 mins

A British Indian woman and her father discuss their opposing views on family and sexuality in this beautifully moving, visually striking 2D animated short film.

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Drama201926 mins

Arkita believes herself to be be modern, liberal and independent. An unprecedented encounter with a transgender sex worker questions her beliefs.

Too Desi Too Queer

A selection of LGBTQIA+ shorts curated by the London Indian Film Foundation.

Great British Asians

A collection of significant British Asian works curated by the London Indian Film Festival.