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The Voice of the Moon 12 rating

Fellini’s final film follows the wanderings of a wide-eyed young man (Roberto Benigni) after he's released from a psychiatric hospital.

Drama 1990 121 mins

Director: Federico Fellini


Adapted from a novel by Ermano Cavazzoni, The Voice of the Moon concerns itself with Ivo Salvini (Roberto Benigni, Life Is Beautiful), recently released from a mental hospital and in love with Aldini (Nadia Ottaviani). As he attempts to win her heart, he wanders a strange, dreamlike landscape and encounters various oddball characters, including Gonnella (Paolo Villagio, Fantozzi), a paranoid old man prone to conspiracy theories.

The swansong of the great Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini (La dolce vita, 8½), The Voice of the Moon emerged without fanfare: it played the Cannes Film Festival out of competition after its Italian premiere and failed to secure distribution in North America and the UK. This new restoration from the original negative seeks to right that wrong and provide the film with a second chance. The film’s many unmistakably Fellinian set-pieces include a comically overheated love scene, a dazzling nightclub sequence set to the music of Michael Jackson and a beautiful, Georges Méliès-inspired finale.