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Sister 15 rating

Ursula Meier’s tender drama follows two siblings living at the base of a luxury ski resort in Switzerland, starring Léa Seydoux and Gillian Anderson.

Drama 2012 97 mins

Director: Ursula Meier



Twelve-year-old Simon spends his days stealing sports equipment from guests at the luxury resort near to where he lives with his flighty and irresponsible older sister (Seydoux). But when he meets wealthy Englishwoman Kristin (Anderson), his longing for a stable, loving family life threatens to derail his enterprise and expose the truth.

Meier’s follow-up to Home, and winner of the Silver Bear at Berlin in 2012, is a tense, insightful drama built on excellent performances (Kacey Mottet Klein is superb as Simon), an evocative use of landscape, and a sharp sense of ambiguity.