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Bypass 15 rating

Duane Hopkins’ follow up to Better Things is a striking, poetic drama about a young man on the edge.

Drama 2014 105 mins

Director: Duane Hopkins


A fractured, poetic narrative tells the story of Tim (George MacKay), a sensitive man unable to cope with the demands of his council estate life, in Duane Hopkins’ haunting film.

As Tim’s health declines and a net of troubles close around him, Hopkins’ film becomes peopled with phantoms and shadows. Duane Hopkins’ long-anticipated follow up to his 2008 debut Better Things proves well worth the wait. This is British social melodrama made uniquely personal through the prism of Hopkins’ ravishing photographic eye. George MacKay is exceptional as the haunted, hunted Tim (almost unrecognisable from his roles in Pride and For Those in Peril) and Game of Thrones fans will recognise Donald Sumpter in the supporting role of Tim's grandfather.