Men of Violence

These obscurities – long believed lost – are united by the theme of rage; Their twisted heroes live in British cinema's badlands, they were films made to court headlines and now they get a chance to shock afresh.
Highlights include the Recluse, which recreates a real-life murder, and The Spy's Wife, which shows how the men of violence don’t have it all their way.
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Little MalcolmLittle Malcolm

Drama1975111 minsDirector: Stuart Cooper

Delusional revolutionary Malcolm Scrawdyke (John Hurt) leads his Party of Dynamic Erection in a battle against an unseen nemesis in this dark comedy.

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Voice OverVoice Over

Drama1982108 minsDirector: Chris Monger

This disturbing and controversial psychological drama from award-winning director Christopher Monger features a compelling central performance from Ian McNeice.

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The Black PantherThe Black Panther

Drama197797 minsDirector: Ian Merrick

Gripping crime drama charts the killing spree which Donald Neilson, aka the Black Panther, perpetrated across England during the mid-70s.

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The Body BeneathThe Body Beneath

Horror197082 minsDirector: Andy Milligan

Vampires rampage around Hampstead in a strange, bloody cult horror by low-budget sex-gore auteur Andy Milligan.

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Tomorrow Never ComesTomorrow Never Comes

Crime1977102 minsDirector: Peter Collinson

This tense, violent hostage drama stars Oliver Reed as a negotiator trying to barter the release of Susan George from her deranged partner.

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The Forgotten FacesThe Forgotten Faces

Documentary drama196119 minsDirector: Peter Watkins

A gripping newsreel style account of the 1956 peoples' uprising in Hungary directed by celebrated innovator of the docudrama form, Peter Watkins.

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The Spy's WifeThe Spy's Wife

Drama197128 minsDirector: Gerry O'Hara

Tom Bell stars in this short film about a spy's wife who shows herself to be rather adept at espionage, while her husband is away on a mission.

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War195964 minsDirector: John Krish

Previously only shown to a restricted audience of top military brass from the Ministry of Defence, Captured is a stunning Prisoner of War drama.

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Crime197929 minsDirector: Bob Bentley

Based on the true story of a tragic murder and suicide that took place on the Luxton farm in Devon in the 1970s.

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The Last ChapterThe Last Chapter

Drama197229 mins

Dark tale in which a best-selling author (Denholm Elliot) is unbalanced by an assured young fan (Susan Penhaligon) who questions the move into easy commercialism displayed in his recent work.