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Up Yours Too Guillaume Apollinaire!

Invited to imagine how Apollinaire would have worked with modern technology, writer/director B.S. Johnson turned John Furse's drawings into an animation that is equally elegant, explicit, surreal and hilarious.

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1968 2 mins Silent

Director: B.S. Johnson


Made in 1968 at the invitation of the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts), B.S. Johnson's animated take on Apollinaire's 'Calligrammes' (1918) - precursors of 'concrete' or 'visual' poetry - is both a cheeky two-fingered salute to French Modernism, and an irreverent homage to surrealism.

This title is also available on the DVD/Blu-ray 'You're Human Like the Rest of Them: The films of BS Johnson' in the BFI Flipside collection.