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Undergods 15 rating

A series of intense and increasingly disturbing allegories about humanity's darker instincts culminates in a grotesque and compelling debut feature from Chino Moya.

Fantasy 2020 92 mins

Director: Chino Moya



As they navigate a post-apocalyptic city ‘K’ (Johann Myers) and ‘Z’ (Géza Röhrig) collect bodies, loading them on to their truck whilst recounting gruesome stories from a forsaken past. As tale upon tale deftly rolls into the next, passing between narrators, we witness a series of darkly comic fables brimming with foreboding - each as terrifically macabre and nightmarish as the one before.

Moya exerts a confident control over his multi-stranded narrative, in this fascinating example of 'hyperlink' cinema in the vein of films such as Franklyn (2008) and Cloud Atlas (2012). The result is one of the most ambitious and unusual UK feature debuts of recent years.