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The Chambermaid Lynn 18 rating

An obsessive-compulsive hotel cleaner (Vicky Krieps) who harbours a fetishistic fascination with her hotel's guests meets an enigmatic dominatrix who changes her world.

2014 90 mins

Director: Ingo Haeb


An intense examination of desire that will take you to the edge, The Chambermaid Lynn follows a woman (Krieps) recently discharged from a psychiatric hospital. Employed by a plush hotel, she also has to care for her ailing and cantankerous mother. However, what really stokes Lynn’s fire is her fetishistic fascination with the hotel’s guests, particularly those whose rooms leave tantalising traces of their lives.

She is soon drawn to the enigmatic and beautiful Chiara, a sex-worker who introduces her to the twin notions of endurance and ecstasy. This wouldn’t be a story if everything went smoothly, and it wouldn’t be kinky if there wasn’t some pain. This seductive third feature from German director Ingo Haeb is funny, disturbing and compulsive viewing.