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The Blonde One 18 rating

A tentative friendship blossoms into a beautiful romance in this erotically-charged yet disarmingly sweet-natured offering from Marco Berger (Taekwondo).

Drama 2019 111 mins

Director: Marco Berger


When the reserved Gabo (Gaston Re) moves in with self-assured ladies’ man Juan (Alfonso Barón), the two are initially hesitant in getting to know each other. But as the bond between them slowly grows, so do the lingering glances and fleeting touches. As time passes, it becomes clear they are powerless to stop the inevitable. But is their connection purely physical, or are Gabo and Juan at risk of falling in deeper than they could ever have imagined?

Basking in the virile splendour of his handsome male performers, Marco Berger’s playfully voyeuristic study of fluctuating homosocial desire cranks the sexual tension up to breaking point. Yet beneath The Blonde One’s obvious carnal pleasures beats an unapologetically romantic heart, resulting in a film which yields the power to excite and enchant in equal measure.