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South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut 15 rating

In the outrageous spinoff from the animated series, Cartman and co. inadvertently instigate a war between the US and Canada.

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1999 81 mins

Director: Trey Parker



One of the few spinoffs from an animated series that entirely holds up as a standalone movie, Trey Parker and Matt Stone use their filmic freedom to spin a story even more outrageous than what they got away with on TV. After sneaking into an R-rated comedy (a vehicle for the parping pair Terrance and Phillip) Cartman and friends begin swearing uncontrollably, leading their mothers to inspire a violent fightback against the evil influence of Canada.

Anarchic, inspired and utterly hilarious, South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut is also a rioutously enjoyable musical, featuring memorable songs such as Blame Canada and Uncle F*cka; the film serving as a dry-run for the Parker and Stone's musical ambitions, ultimately realised in the sensational stage hit The Book of Mormon.