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Performance 18 rating

Mick Jagger stars in Nic Roeg and Cammell's kaleidoscopic odyssey into the dark heart of swinging London.

Crime 1970 106 mins

Director: Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg



At first, Performance plunges us into the violent day-to-day life of hard-man gangster Chas (James Fox) as he puts the frighteners on London’s businesses for his boss, Harry Flowers (Johnny Shannon). They fall out, leaving Chas on the run for his life, and he ends up hiding out in the house of a rundown pop star, Turner (Mick Jagger). Along with his lovers, Pherber (Anita Pallenberg) and Lucy (Michèle Breton), Turner begins to play with Chas’s identity, using a variety of drugs and psychological games until identity and reality itself begin to collapse.