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Paris Memories 15 rating

Alice Winocour’s drama finds Virginie Efira’s survivor of a terrorist attack coming to terms with the long-term impact of trauma.

Drama 2022 105 mins

Director: Alice Winocour



Following a terrorist attack on a restaurant in Paris, eyewitness Mia struggles to cope with her memory loss, in this emotionally rich drama that made its debut at Cannes last year. Mia’s life is dramatically transformed when she enters a Parisian bistro and witnesses a gunman open fire indiscriminately on the customers and staff. Left without a memory, she attempts to reconnect by revisiting the scene of the attack and joining a support group that brings together survivors and families of the deceased. With echoes of the 2015 Bataclan terrorist attack, Alice Winocour’s heartfelt journey follows Mia (an outstanding Virginie Efira) from her initial confusion and distress to her attempts at piecing her past together as she moves towards a place of healing. Paris features prominently throughout; initially as the beloved, vibrant metropolis and then as a wounded city, having to recover alongside the survivors of the attack. It’s a powerful, humane study of trauma from the director of Disorder and Proxima.