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Parasite 15 rating

Bong Joon Ho's Oscar®-winning box-office sensation is a darkly comic, twisty rollercoaster ride.

Drama 2019 132 mins

Director: Bong Joon-ho


Winner of the Palme d’Or at 2019’s Cannes Film Festival, this brilliant black comedy from Bong Joon Ho (Okja, Snowpiercer) follows the Kim family as they struggle to survive on the breadline. When a friend offers Kim Ki-Woo the chance of a tutoring job at the lavish home of the Park family Ki-Woo’s luck starts to change, and soon his sister, mother and father are also ingratiating themselves into the glamorous lives of their affluent employers. Parasite is both a piercing commentary on inequality and a twisty narrative rollercoaster ride; you’ll be gripped throughout this compelling and expertly-crafted gem.

Ranked joint 90th in the 2022 Sight and Sound Great Films of All Time poll.