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Memories of a Teenager 15 rating

An Argentine teenager finds life and love difficult following the death of his gay best friend, in this powerful recreation of adolescence.

Drama 2019 97 mins

Director: Lucas Santa Ana


Zabo is a troubled 16-year-old living in Buenos Aires. A virgin, he’s looking for a girlfriend, but is still reeling from the recent suicide of Paul, his closest friend. Navigating his social life and sexuality is both complicated and challenging, especially after he sets up a crazy nightclub in an abandoned warehouse. It’s here that he and his friends drink, take drugs and hope to have sex, but also where Zabo learns about loyalty and betrayal, particularly when a new friend steals the girl he likes. Memories of a Teenager isn’t your average high-school coming-out story. It possesses a rare energy and charm, particularly that of lead actor Renato Quattordio. It’s a powerful recreation of adolescence, detailing its pleasures, pain and heartbreaks.