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McQueen 15 rating

In scintillating fashion, this compelling documentary explores the dark dreams that drove the brilliant, lamented designer, Alexander McQueen.

Biopic 2018 111 mins

Director: Ian Bonhôte



Alexander McQueen was a force of nature, rising quickly from humble beginnings to become chief designer at Givenchy before launching his own wildly successful fashion label. His legendary fashion shows combined outlandish conceptual couture with baroque performance art; attention-grabbing sensationalism shot through with deeply personal conviction. But the dark recesses from which he drew inspiration always threatened to overwhelm his tortured talent.

With incredible access to home videos, interviews and footage of his behind-the-scenes processes, Ian Bonhôte, Peter Ettedgui's documentary lays bare this uniquely gifted artist. It's a fascinating portrait of sparkling, unadorned genius. And, with its emphasis on his outrageously theatrical shows, one that restates McQueen's strength not just as a fashion designer, but as an innovative visual artist.