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Freak Show 12 rating

Alex Lawther is outstanding as a teenage rebel in this tale of an unrepentant high-school outsider, directed by Trudie Styler.

Comedy 2018 91 mins

Director: Trudie Styler


Based on a popular novel by James St James, this high-school story centres on Lawther’s portrayal of Billy Bloom, a campy teen with an addiction to club-kid style cosplay. When his adoring mother Muv (Bette Midler) enters rehab, Billy moves from Connecticut to live with his father in a conservative community where his stylish blend of Oscar Wilde meets Boy George shocks and alienates most of his peers. Viciously attacked by bullies from the football team, he decides to challenge the entire system, along with the hearts and minds of his peers, by entering the Homecoming Queen contest.

Boasting a brilliant soundtrack, jaw-dropping outfits and a feel-good story, this is a rousing fable for anyone who has dared to be different.