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Ghost Stories 15 rating

Being scared has never been this much fun, as Martin Freeman, Andy Nyman and Paul Whitehouse bring the chilling London stage play to the screen.

Horror 2018 98 mins

Director: Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman



The team behind the hit London stage play bring their diabolical creation to the screen, with Martin Freeman and Paul Whitehouse joining the cast for this chilling compendium. Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? Well, settle down kiddies as co-directors Andy Nyman (Dead Set) and Jeremy Dyson (The League of Gentleman) have a trio of humdingers up their sleeves, just waiting to give you sleepless nights. Nyman plays Phillip Goodman, an academic and professional sceptic out to debunk claims of the supernatural. But when an encounter with a former parapsychologist leads him to three unsolved cases of the Occult, his whole belief system – not to mention his sanity – is thrown into question.

An affectionate throwback to classic Brit anthology chillers such as Dead of Night and the Amicus productions of the 1970s, this imaginative and playful portmanteau is undoubtedly the product of two horror-obsessed minds. Being scared has never been this much fun.