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Mansfield 66/67 15 rating

Jayne Mansfield: Goddess? Genius? Satanist? This wild documentary from the makers of Room 237 examines the blonde bombshell's relationship with Anton LaVey.

Documentary 2017 86 mins

Director: P. David Ebersole


Jayne Mansfield was a creature of many contradictions. University educated and able to speak four languages, she was nevertheless cast as the dumb blonde alternative to Marilyn Monroe. And despite her dedication to family life, her wild and provocative leanings eventually led to a relationship with Anton LaVey, the controversial and charismatic leader of the Church of Satan. After Jayne's untimely death in a car crash in 1967 rumours began to swirl that her demise was preordained, as part of a satanic curse. Did Mansfield cross the Devil?

Produced (by the makers of Room 237 and Hit So Hard) to mark the 50th anniversary of her death, Mansfield 66/67 is a wild, Hollywood Babylon-style exploration of a one of Hollywood's strangest relationships. Featuring interviews with John Waters, Kenneth Anger, Cheryl Dunne, Tippi Hedren and Mamie Van Doren, the films is also enlivened by some suitably camp song-and-dance numbers by students from Leeds Beckett University.