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Maisie's Marriage

Family Planning: The Movie. The film they didn't want you to see in 1923.

Drama 1923 96 mins

Director: Alexander Butler


Controversial! The film they don't want you to see of the book they didn't want you to read. Waitress Maisie discovers that the path of love is not easy - but small families are happier than large ones. Think of this as Family Planning: The Movie, a fiction feature inspired by the contentious, wildly successful non-fiction book Married Love, written by Marie Stopes who was consultant on the film.

The film is in fact very chaste but that didn't stop the censors from taking a close and antagonistic interest in it. Soon-to-be Hitchcock favourite Lillian Hall-Davies stars, while future Powell & Pressburger regular Roger Livesey is among the names in the cast.