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I Promise You Anarchy 18 rating

A pair of teenage skateboarders find themselves drawn into a murky criminal underworld in this distinctive thriller.

2015 86 mins

Director: Julio Hernández Cordón


Miguel and Johnny live in Mexico City. Committed skateboarders and occasional lovers, they dabble in the illegal blood trade as a means of making extra money. Faced with an opportunity to up their cash flow by making a risky deal with a gang of black market drug traffickers, the boys hesitantly agree. But when the job goes sour they quickly find themselves drawn into a dangerous underworld.

Played with arresting immediacy from a cast of non-actors, director Julio Hernández Cordón’s feature is a striking blend of verité realism and lyrical experimentalism. Echoing the laid back eroticism of Gus Van Sant at his most playful, with shades of a modern-day neo-noir, this visually arresting film is a sumptuous and occasionally chilling journey into the illicit underbelly of Mexico’s capital.