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I Am Nasrine 15 rating

The Bafta-nominated drama follows the journey of a teenager from Iran to the UK whose newfound freedoms are imperilled by the fallout from 9/11.

Drama 2013 88 mins

Director: Tina Gharavi


After a run-in with the Tehran police, Nasrine and her brother Ali make the momentous journey to the UK to begin a new life, away from the watchful eyes of their parents. Initially they revel in their newfound freedoms, but the occurrence of 9/11 threatens to change everything.

Realised on a modest budget, director Tina Gharavi and producer James Richard Baillie found ever resourceful methods to mount this impressive and arresting production, from the use of an uncredited guerrilla crew in Iran, to the eschewal of a traditional music score in favour of astute and atmospheric selections from Mogwai and Burial. Their efforts were rewarded with two BAFTA nominations, but since that initial acclaim the film has not been widely available to see in the UK; as such we hope it can now be newly appreciated.