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  • Contains a scene of strong sadistic violence, scenes of strong sex and sexualised nudity, strong language and drug references.
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Heli 18 rating

Amat Escalante won Best Director at Cannes 2013 for his visceral Mexican crime drama about an honest man drawn into a dispute with a vicious local drugs cartel.

Drama 2013 105 mins

Director: Amat Escalante


Heli lives an honest life with his wife, baby, father and 12-year-old sister in a crime-ridden Mexican border town. His simple world is shattered once his sister begins a relationship with a heedless police cadet, who furtively stashes some drugs in their home, incurring the unforgiving wrath of the local cartel.

Amat Escalante’s frighteningly credible third feature caused a stir at Cannes Film Festival 2013, upsetting some with its unflinching scenes of graphic violence, but also rewarding Escalante with a Best Director prize. His dispassionate and precise approach to the material, and astute direction of a largely non-professional cast, results in unforgettably visceral experience - but one not without heart and hope.