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Galveston 15 rating

Ben Foster and Elle Fanning play fugitives on the run from a criminal gang, in this gritty crime thriller from the creator of True Detective.

Thriller 2018 94 mins

Director: Mélanie Laurent



Debt collector and sometime-killer Roy (Ben Foster, Hell or High Water) survives a death-trap assignment set by his loan-shark boss. The would-be killers are mostly dead and he is just about alive. Before making his getaway, Roy discovers a young prostitute, Rocky (Elle Fanning, The Neon Demon) hiding in the back room, and he sees something in her frightened, defiant eyes that prompts a fateful decision. He takes her with him as he flees New Orleans to Galveston – as action as ill-advised as it is inescapable.

Mélanie Laurent directs this tough and uncompromising crime thriller, from a hard-boiled script by True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto (under the pseudonym Jim Hammett), which was an audience hit at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival.