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Forgotten Men: The War As It Was 12 rating

Norman Lee’s 1934 documentary takes audiences through the harsh horrors and realities of war, showing everyone what soldiers truly go through within the armed forces.

War 1934 79 mins

Director: Norman Lee


Filmmaker Norman Lee’s searing 1934 documentary is a true testament to what soldiers endure during their time with the armed forces. Understanding that the public’s knowledge of wartime experience was limited to newsreels and photographs, Lee complements such footage with first-hand accounts and footage to help audiences better understand and sympathize with the brutal realities of war. From leaving families and loved ones to fighting on the battlefield and risking lives, nearly each personal facet is explored and discussed in Lee’s powerful testament.

Lee continued to have a varied career in both fiction and documentary after this piece, but Forgotten Men: The War As it Was remains one of his most vital and illuminating pictures. It was appropriately produced and released right near the dawn of the Second World War so that the public could fully comprehend the realities soldiers face during such tumultuous, dangerous times.