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David Brent: Life on the Road 15 rating

The long-awaited big-screen outing for Slough’s premier paper salesman finds Ricky Gervais’ genius comic creation cashing in his pension for one last shot at rock ‘n’ roll success.

Comedy 2016 96 mins

Director: Ricky Gervais



Twelve years after The Office, Slough’s premier paper salesman now works as a rep for a feminine hygiene company, but has never truly discarded the dream of forging a rock ‘n’ roll career. Cashing in his pension and assembling a crack crew of session musicians, he hits the road for one last shot at the big time with his band ‘Foregone Conclusion’.

Structured as a ‘where are they now’-style TV followup to The Office focusing solely on Wernham Hogg’s main attraction, Life on the Road is both a development from the confines of the BBC sitcom and also a welcome dedication to Ricky Gervais’ extraordinary comic creation. All the tics, mannerisms and excruciating faux pas are paraded in all their widescreen glory, while a hilarious roster of new songs constitute the Foregone Conclusion back catalogue, including the viral video hit ‘Lady Gypsy’. Written and directed by Gervais himself, Life on the Road is a riotously essential return for one of the great comic characters of the 21st-century.