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Dark Waters 12 rating

Mark Ruffalo plays an attorney trying to uncover the corporate scandal of a chemical company poisoning a local community, in this searching ecological drama from Todd Haynes (Safe, Carol).

Historical drama 2019 126 mins

Director: Todd Haynes



Inspired by true events, Dark Waters tells the story of Robert Bilott (Academy Award® nominee Mark Ruffalo), a daring attorney fighting to expose a dark secret kept hidden by one of the largest corporations in the world. A corporate defense attorney accustomed to defending big chemical companies, Bilott is approached by two West Virginia farmers who are convinced that the local DuPont plant has been polluting their community with deadly chemicals. Aided by his supervising partner in the firm (Academy Award® winner Tim Robbins), Bilott puts everything on the line, from his career to his health to his relationship with his wife (Academy Award® winner Anne Hathaway), in pursuit of the truth.