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Coloured School Leavers

Black school leavers talk about their career aspirations and the discrimination they may face in the world of work.

Current affairs 1965 27 mins Not rated

Director: Peter Robinson


Recent black school leavers talk about their career ambitions and how racism may prevent them achieving their goals in this edition of current affairs TV programme This Week. The documentary explores the importance of landing a successful job within the black community, rather than the manual roles seen as 'immigrant' jobs. The presenter also speaks to West Indian parents working in a factory, who echo these sentiments when talking about their hopes for their children.

Alongside the students' voices, we hear from a youth employment officer who, despite working in an area where there are three vacancies for every school leaver, struggles to place her black students in suitable jobs. Tellingly, she comments that the discrimination against black people reminds her of women's struggles in the past - and present.