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Negro next Door

The white residents of a Leeds suburb express their troubling thoughts on their new black neighbours.

Current affairs 1965 27 mins

Director: Peter Robinson


Is this a slice of social history the likes of which we won't see again? Or do the women in this edition of This Week sadly still reflect certain attitudes to race and multiculturalism? Three women from Roseville Terrace, Leeds, talk with frankness and sometimes confusion about their "coloured" neighbours. They display prejudice and guilt, both probed by the interviewer, Desmond Wilcox.

The women's black neighbour is dismayed and bewildered when told by Wilcox of their allegations of dirtiness and unfriendliness. The white women are invited round and after some edgy exchanges, their attitudes appear to change slightly. However, they challenge Wilcox to say whether he would want his daughter to marry a black man - and the question remains hanging at the end of the programme.