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Charade PG rating

Charm is the byword in the screwball thriller that pits Cary Grant on the trail of Audrey Hepburn and her late husband’s missing millions.

Thriller 1963 113 mins

Director: Stanley Donen



Charm is the byword in this screwball thriller that bring the king of suave, Cary Grant, and the queen of style, Audrey Hepburn, together for a case of murder, mystery and missions millions. Often touted as the ‘best film Hitchcock never made’, Stanley Donen’s film adds a keen sense of comedy to the recipe of intrigue, espionage and mistaken identities often associated with the Master of Suspense.

Grant had turned down Love in the Afternoon because he felt he was too old to play opposite Hepburn, but was six years later was persuaded by Donen to change his mind. And thank goodness, for their on-screen chemistry is electric in this classic escapade that’s full of twists and macabre wit.