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Boys and Girls Together 18 rating

Extraordinary 1970s sexploitation film, groundbreaking in its portrayal of interracial and homosexual sex.

Sex comedy 1979 55 mins

Director: Ralph Lawrence Marsden


A real curio of 1970s sexploitation, this tonally bizarre and often slapdash short feature is nevertheless groundbreaking in its portrayal of a sexually fluid, multiracial group of twentysomethings shacked up in a Hampstead boarding house. Sexual frustration builds, as Indian Lily, German Ilsa, Singaporean Jat, West Indian Leroy, American Dan and Brit Jenny eye each other up, masturbate, and eventually come together in 'surprising' combinations. Though brief, the gay scenes are remarkable since two men having sex was then unheard of in British porn. The film's climax sees the couples revert to heteronormativity in a softcore hippy orgy on Hampstead Heath.

The film is valuable for its locations too: elsewhere in Hampstead, look out for the King William IV, among London's oldest gay pubs, where Jat and Leroy watch a drag show; and a glimpse of 1970s Soho, then the hub of Britain's porn industry. Produced as a supporting feature by Welsh porn baron David Sullivan's Roldvale company, Boys and Girls Together was shown alongside Boney M's Disco Fever and Mary Millington's True Blue Confessions, but quickly sank without trace.