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The L-shaped Room 12 rating

Bryan Forbes directs the Oscar-nominated story of a French woman (Leslie Caron) moving to London while unmarried, pregnant, and alone.

Drama 1962 126 mins

Director: Bryan Forbes


Bryan Forbes adapts Lynne Reid Banks’ novel of the same name in this romantic drama starring Leslie Caron. Jane (Caron) is a French woman, unmarried and pregnant, who has just moved to London. Living in an odd, L-shaped room in a housing project, she meets Toby (Tom Bell) – and the courtship could soon blossom into something that could save her life. Forbes creates, simultaneously, a sensitive and gritty portrait of love and loneliness with two stellar lead performances.

Caron went on to receive an Oscar nomination for her role as Jane, and had a very successful career in both French cinema and Hollywood (An American in Paris, Gigi).