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Be Careful Boys

As cartoon musical training films about fruit packer’s go, this ones a real peach

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1964 11 mins Silent

Director: Vera Linnecar


What kind of slob are you? If you are anything like careless Charlie Burke, then you need to watch this cartoon training film to put you on the right track. It’s perhaps surprising today to see the level of investment put into a training film about fruit packing. Popular actors like Kenneth Connor are involved and it features a parody version of Anthony Newley’s “What Kind of Fool Am I?”

The film does exhibit some of the more casually sexist and misogynistic attitudes of its time, despite the fact that two of its three director’s were women. The vibrant colours come from the designs of Nancy Hanna, whilst the character design and animation is typical Vera Linnecar’s work.